Equip Classes

Join us on Wednesday nights starting February 3 through March 31 from 6:30pm-8pm.

Class: Built Upon the Rock: Surveying the Sermon on the Mount

Description: The Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the greatest and most beloved sermon ever preached.  This is with good reason as it was delivered by the greatest preacher and teacher who has ever walked the earth, the Lord Jesus himself!  This passage in the Gospel of Matthew chapters 5 – 7 contains some of the most well-known but perhaps also the most misused words in all of Scripture.  Jesus pictures for us how Christians are to live to the glory of God as witnesses through the power of the Spirit made possible only by the work of the Son.  Come and join us in this 8 week Equip discussion based study as we seek the wisdom of Christ that he may grant us the ability to learn and apply his words rightly together.

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Class: Faith: What Are You Hoping For?

Description: What is faith? We all know that the Bible defines faith as “the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen” – but do we know how to live by faith in the street-level situations and relationships of our daily Christianity? Using Hebrews 11 as a guide, Paul Tripp will contend that there are no heroes of faith in the Bible. Noah, Abraham, Moses and the others enshrined were weak and messy Christians just like us, who often felt that the call of God was too big for them.

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Women’s Class Only: Better: A Study of Hebrews

Description: From this study we will explore the new covenant in Christ, answer the call to spiritual maturity, and learn how Jesus is not only “Better” but he offers the only answer for our sinful condition. This 8 week video study offers an optional workbook and group discussion. The workbook is suggested for those who want to complete self-study in the book of Hebrews.

Men’s Class Only: Fight: A Study by Kenny Luck

Description: Many men ignore the dangerous spiritual war surrounding them. And that willing surrender ensures the total destruction of all they hold dear. This eight-session study can help men respond to the fight with boldness and duty. This workbook will equip men—in a devotional setting, accountability partner setting, and in group—to do spiritual battle with the enemy. This includes recognizing the deceptions about doing true spiritual battle, realizing the roles men play at the front lines, and rescuing the captives from the enemy’s stronghold.

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