Equip classes begin September 30!

Join us on Wednesday nights this fall from 6:30pm-8pm. Classes will be available in-person and online. Register below.

Your Divine Design (Spiritual Gifts)
Do you realize God has uniquely wired you? God didn’t save you just so He could take you to Heaven.  He has an assignment for you here on earth.  In this study, Chip Ingram explores passages from Romans, Ephesians, and 1 Corinthians to understand the role of spiritual gifts.  During this study you will examine your own life and learn how to pinpoint your primary spiritual gift, develop it and use it for a greater impact.

Teacher: Justin Rhymes

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Getting to the Heart of Parenting
Parenting is hard, but there are few things in life that rise to this level of importance. God has chosen parents to be primary instruments in the shaping of a human soul.

Join pastor and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp on a journey through the Bible to discover a different and better way to parent. There will be foundational parenting principles as well as specific application for parenting.

Teacher: Kevin and Marcy Deaton

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Defined (Women only)
Before asking, who am I? we need to be able to answer, who is God? If we can’t answer the first question, we will never answer the second. The problem with our search for identity is that we are looking in all the wrong places. Scripture teaches that we are all made in the image of God. We do not define ourselves—the Creator does. We were all created to be known and loved by God. Once those answers are clear, we can move forward and discover all God has called us to be.

Teacher: Deana Shirley

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33 The Series (Men only)
Every man’s life tells a “story.” In the pursuit of Authentic Manhood, every man must understand and come to grips with the defining moments and key relationships that have shaped his unique “story.” This volume of 33 The Series provides men with biblical perspective of their “story.” It equips them to embrace how their past has affected their present and prepares them to deal with whatever the future may hold.

In a Man and His Story, both experts and regular guys will help men learn from their past, come alive in their present and enjoy God’s best in the future

Teacher: Steve Judkins

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