Share God's Story

In a world of bad news, the good news of the gospel is as great as ever before. Perhaps more than in any Easter in our lifetime, people across the world are shaken and seeking hope. Let’s not waste this opportunity to amplify the good news of the gospel. Join Grace Baptist Church along with many other churches around this world in the week leading up to Easter as we share how Jesus Changed Our Lives.

Inspired by Jeremy Treat (council member of The Gospel Coalition and pastor of Reality Church LA) we invite you to share your #JesusChangedMyLife story.

The idea is simple. We want to mobilize Christians across the world to proclaim the good news of Jesus by testifying on social media to how he changed their life. We want people all over the world-quarantined in their homes and scrolling on their phones- to see a flood of stories about how the resurrected Jesus brings purpose and meaning and hope.

Rather. than each of us inviting one person to. an Easter service, we could each proclaim the gospel to hundreds of non-Christian friends and co-workers and invite them to join our local church with our online Easter services.

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Create a Video or Written Testimony: Make a one- to  two minute video of how Jesus changed your life on your device or write it out in a social media post and add it to your social media accounts. Here are some tips on how to tell your story, as well as selfie video best practices (see also here). Include an invitation at the end of your video for others to believe in Jesus, and welcome them to follow up with you or Grace Baptist church for help in this difficult season. If you don’t want to share a video of yourself, feel free to just write your testimony in a social media post!
  2. Share the video on social media at the beginning of Easter Week. Make sure you do these three things in your post when you share:
    1. Use hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife
    2. Tag Grace Baptist Church’s social media account in your post on Facebook Twitter or Instagram.
    3. Invite everyone to join Grace’s Easter services by tagging our Facebook Event to your post or a link to our website (
  3. Pray that the resurrection power of Jesus on display in these videos would inspire many to faith in Jesus and begin their own #JesusChangedMyLife journeys.

In this moment of fear and darkness in our world, believers have a unique opportunity to proclaim hope and offer light.

We don’t know what will happen in our world in the next few months, but we do know what happened on Calvary 2,000 years ago. We don’t know everything God is doing in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, but we do know what Jesus has done for us and that in him we have victory.

Let’s tell the beautiful gospel story for all to hear!

#JCML Video

Justin Rhymes

Laurie Smith

Chase Wommack

Rox Horton

Travis Beauchamp

Jess Wood

#JCML Written

If I die today... I know I’m saved to eternal life. Not because I’m a good person but because of what Jesus did for me. I am such a sinner but I know God loves me and my future is secure. My choices were so bad as a young man, and I still struggle everyday, any good you see from me is because God scooped me up and is working in my life. He brought me to an amazing church family and used an extraordinary group of men (from Grace), years ago , he brought them along side me and changed my life. I’m so fortunate and blessed to have a relationship with Jesus and the family at Grace. Jesus has truly changed my life forever. I pray that you too would believe in Jesus and know the peace, joy, hope, and happiness of Christ that is better than anything else in this life.

~Larry Head

It was during the loss of everything that I put my hope in here on earth, when God called me to himself through faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. I had always known about Jesus but I had never placed my faith in him and walked with him, I knew all of the Bible stories but I never knew the hope that comes from him. I grew up in the church but at the age of 12 or 13 I became disinterested in the church because we had moved around a lot and I was tired of building relationships and then leaving them, so I refused to go to church, I still believed there was a God and that Jesus was real but I didn’t follow Him, I just knew about him. In 2005, I was 17 years old, my grandfather whom I loved and thought the world of, passed away from a hard battle with cancer, it was one of the hardest things I had ever had to go through, I never knew pain that felt that way, I couldn’t process what I was going through. Then the following summer my parents, who had been together my entire life, told us they were getting a divorce. This was a whole other pain that I had never felt before. My world and everything that I built my life upon, my hope in life was shattered, by a couple of 30 second conversations. I lost one of my best friends in the world and the home I knew was gone. What was interesting though during this time was that my sister had been inviting me to come to church with her, I had sworn that I would never go to church again. Finally I said “yes” just so she would stop asking, now I know why I said yes that day. Over the next couple of months I went with her to the youth group on Wednesday night and towards the end of the summer I attended my first ever church camp. I remember in that summer God showed me the wickedness of my heart but also the beauty of Jesus. God opened my heart, eyes, and ears to what he has done for me in Jesus, that I can have a living hope, I saw Jesus like I had never seen him before. I came to a saving faith in Jesus and I began to not just believe that he is there but I began to pursue him because I finally realized his faithful pursuit of me first. God put some amazing people in my life to pour into me and disciple me, to walk through the journey of life with. I finally knew the comfort, love, and mercy of God. I have a hope and joy unlike anything else I had experienced before, one that would never be shattered or wrecked, the hope of a new life in Jesus. This is the greatest news I have ever found, that God has not left us to ourselves in the darkness of sin and death but in his mercy and grace He is delivering us into the glorious light of the Kingdom, our perfect home, refuge, and fortress. Jesus changed my life not because of anything I have done but because he is gracious to me a sinner, in him I have a living hope that is not of this world, I have the glorious promise of God’s power, protection, and provision that sustains me, that allows me to walk through the darkest valleys imaginable. I pray that you come to the knowledge of what Christ has done on your behalf and ask God to have grace upon you by giving you the gift of faith in Jesus. I would love to talk with you at any point not only about how Jesus Changed My Life but also about how Jesus can Change YOUR Life.
~Brian Lamb

Hello friends! I'm happy to have this opportunity to share how Jesus changed my life. I was raised in a Christian home and at the age of 5, I asked Jesus to save me. I believe I was saved at that time, but it wasn't until I was 21, and a counselor at youth camp, that I realized my life was not surrendered to God. It was at that moment that I turned my life over to Christ completely. Since then, life has had many ups and downs, but I know who I am in Jesus Christ and that brings me peace no matter what the circumstances may be. He changed my life many years ago and is still working in me today.
~Deana Shirley