Membership at Grace

Church membership is very different than membership in a secular organization. In a secular organization, members come and go. For instance, if a member leaves the rotary club, credit union, sports team, etc., there is minimal impact on the remaining members. They will still continue on and go about their business. With the church, we speak of membership like a body. If you lost a body part, you would experience deep pain and disability to every other part. Every member is a part of the body and is vital to the well-being and growth of all other members.

Want to know more about Grace and what we believe?

Attend Starting Point! This class will be an introduction to Grace Baptist Church.

More information about Starting Point

Interested in joining our church family?

Attend Basics & Baptism! This class will discuss basic biblical truths, baptism, and what being a disciple of Christ looks like. This is the first step in our membership process.

More information on Basics & Baptism

Becoming a Member of Grace

After attending the above classes, a membership interview will be scheduled with a senior staff member. Once this has been completed, a presentation to the congregation will take place. Since people from many different church backgrounds may have a desire to become members of Grace, the classes and interview are designed to clearly explain the “who” and “what” of our church, as well as give our members a biblical foundation to grow on.