Care Ministry

Our goal is to meet both spiritual and physical needs. While we can pray and counsel with you immediately as well as provide food from our pantry, we are unable to meet immediate financial needs due to our church’s care process to best steward our finances. This process can take up to 10 business days, please understand we do not keep funds on hand, nor do we provide checks to individuals for financial assistance.
If you are in need of assistance now, we encourage you to contact the ministries, charities and organizations from the Resource List linked below.
Because of the many applications we receive, we are only able to consider applications for those that live within a 10-mile radius of the church. All applicants who live outside of this radius will be automatically declined.

Our food pantry and clothing closet are available to all regardless of your location. 

*Care Pantry is available on the days and timeframes below:
 Tuesday 1pm – 4pm
 Thursday 9am – 12pm
*Clothes Closet is by appointment only.
To utilize our Pantry and Clothing ministry, please call/e-mail us to schedule an appointment.
P: 817-246-6646 ext 317
If you are eligible to follow through with our process to be considered for financial assistance, we would be honored to work alongside you. To formally consider your request, we will need more information to better understand the financial need that you have and your circumstances.
Please click the “Care Application” link below to get started.


Care Application

Click here to fill out the care application

Resource List

Click here to view our resource list