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We would love for you to visit Grace. Please go to this page to see learn more about Grace.

Mission of Grace

Grace Baptist Church exists to make disciples of Jesus through WORSHIP of God, EQUIPPING believers, living in COMMUNITY, and SHARING the gospel with the world.

Meet Our Staff

We have a great staff here at Grace Baptist Church. We can't wait to meet you. Here's some more about us.


Church membership is very different than membership in a secular organization. In a secular organization, members come and go. For instance, if a member leaves the rotary club, credit union, sports team, etc., there is minimal impact on the remaining members. They will still continue on and go about their business. With the church, we speak of membership like a body. If you lost a body part, you would experience deep pain and disability to every other part. Every member is a part of the body and is vital to the well-being and growth of all other members.

History of Grace

The rich history of Grace and its dedicated members throughout the years have shaped this church into what it is today.